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“Havin’ Fun” Valli Aman c/o Oh My Dog

“I am placed in a perfect position to help animals and I understand the stresses that go along in the life of the human as it relates to pet ownership,” says Valli Aman, animal behavior trainer and owner of Oh My Dog based in Valley Glen.

Valli uses this basic understanding to work with dogs. Raised and educated in Southern California, Valli has invested a lifetime of knowledge and study into metaphysical spiritual thought. In addition, she is a producer and host of the 15 year radio and television project “Visions,” where she has interviewed and studied with over 1,500 New Age and Human Potential experts.

Valli holds an ABCDT Degree from Animal Behavior College, enjoys her position as Mentor Trainer to students from Animal Behavior College and is trainer for the East Valley Shelter Dog Training Program. In addition, she is a professional photographer (www.visionsphotography-la.com), a writer for Valley Scene’s PetPourie Section and a professional member of APDT and ASPCA.

Valli’s animal behavior training emphasizes calm and assertive communication as taught by the likes of Cesar Milan.

“I love dog training and services in general,” she says. “It seems that love has jettisoned me into a career as a ‘dog intuit’ according to clients who tell me after most first visits that there is a transformative effect on the dog or pup immediately aside from the actual training that goes on.”

For more info visit ohmydog@earthlink.net or www.ohmydog-la.com.
You can contact Valli Aman at (818) 785-0377.

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