Who Feeds the Strays?


They are everywhere. The shy, thin, little cats with tattered fur, hunkered under cars, behind trash cans and in alleys, cluttered with debris. They are so hungry that they eat the paper wrappers from stale hamburgers. Their only hope lies in the hands of a 63-year-old widow who feeds 200 or more cats at 16 different locations in the Sun Valley area. She comes with food in the pouring rain and in the 105 degree heat, even if she is tired or sick.
When her husband was alive, money was no problem, but now the burden of buying food for 200 cats has become extremely difficult. She lives on her husband’s Social Security benefits, which hardly cover her expenses as well as that of the many cats. This compassionate lady has extremely-high blood pressure which is elevated by her constant worry about having enough food for all her little, needy cats.
She has used up her life savings feeding all the strays on her nightly rounds. She buys nothing new and severely limits any money for food or clothes for herself.
She does what so many of us would like to do but don’t, because it takes so much time, effort and money. If you are an animal lover, or a person who can’t look away when you see a starving little animal, then perhaps you could donate a little money to help this woman continue her work that she has done for almost 40 years. She gives up much of her time, energy and all her money for cat food and vet bills. She just can’t make it anymore… unless someone helps.

If you can, please send a few a few dollars, checks made payable to Hakuna Matata Rescue (#954703422–tax deductible) in care of “The Tolucan Times,” (10701 Riverside Dr., Toluca Lake, CA 91602).

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