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Kay Curtis of Curtis Nutrition.

Curtis Nutrition is operated by Kay Curtis, a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant. In late 2007, after undergoing successful surgery for early stage breast cancer, in lieu of radiation and a prescription drug regimen she began intensively researching and enjoying a nutritionally balanced lifestyle and a toxin-free home environment.

Kay Curtis’ success and passion in this area led her to return to school in late 2008 to receive her formal certification. After 20 years as a teacher and educational consultant, she now helps people regain their physical and mental happiness and health through proper nutrition.

In addition to addressing health-impacting weight issues, her services can assist adult men and women suffering from fatigue, chronic aches and pains, digestive problems, allergies, skin issues, sleep difficulties, frequent illness, Women’s issues, sexual disorders, or people looking to start an anti-aging program. And, unlike other weight loss programs, Curtis’s plans include real food dietary suggestions and concentrated whole food supplements that allow the body to repair itself and become healthier.

Curtis Nutrition’s programs can help children with behavioral problems, ADD/ADHD, poor cognitive skills, weight issues or those looking for a youth-sports nutrition program.

Additionally, they can help businesses that are looking to offer health and wellness programs to their employees.

Kay’s message to people is “Don’t settle for mediocre health! There is no reason to live day to day with fatigue or other chronic nutrition-related issues diminishing your quality of life. With the proper plan, you can not only “Look Good, but Feel Good Too!”

Curtis Nutrition has offices in Valley Village and Encino, CA. For more information, call 818.842.8921, email Kay@CurtisNutrition.com or visit www.CurtisNutrition.com.

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