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Marymount High School’s Valley-area 2011 Graduates: (Standing) Tatum Sornborger, Luisa de Carteret, Madison Donatoni, Grace Schwartzenberger, Hannah Gulla; (Sitting) Jasmine Omidfar, Kaylyn White, Emily Johnson, Samantha Berendt, Saiorse Hinksmon, Camille Patrao.

In the spring of 2011, Apple awarded Marymount High School with an Apple Distinguished School designation. Apple’s representative indicated, “You have integrated our tools in a way that changes the way you learn… Marymount represents what we think is the best way to approach education.”

The Apple Distinguished school designation is reserved for schools that have demonstrated Apple’s highest vision of a successful 21st century learning environment, and are centers of educational excellence and leadership, consistently employing ‘best practice’ qualities of a 21st century learning environment utilizing Apple technology.

The only all-girls school in California to receive this distinction, Marymount is one of only 10 schools in the state and 52 in the country to be recognized this year. Marymount is one of only 19 schools in the country who are new Apple Distinguished Schools this year.

Upon receiving notice of the award, Head of School Jacqueline Landry said, “We are excited that Apple has recognized our success with this program and our commitment to a 21st century learning environment. We know that girls thrive in a collaborative environment, and the one to one program really complements both this tendency toward collaboration as well as the many and varied learning styles of our students.”

Retiring Assistant Head of School and Dean of Studies Dr. Judy Edwards said, “As we complete our second school year employing the one to one program, the changes in the classroom are phenomenal. Both students and teachers are actively engaged with the learning process and the digital tools at their fingertips. The use of these tools provides our students with an enhanced, enriched, learning experience.”

Marymount High School is located at 10643 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90077. For more information, call (310) 472-1205 or visit

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