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0 is my Valentines gift to the entire world! For those seeking only A+ businesses, organizations and people, you are finally home in the “IQBop Little Nest” along the Internet highway.

Happy Valentine’s Day wonder-full world! ..._____

We have not only done the walk through of the Yellow Pages but we have done the triathlon, pentathlon and decathlon of racing through the very best info for all to enjoy, patronize, go to, etc.
Visitors to IQBop will always be guaranteed that every business, organization and person that they find will be absolutely stellar (95%+ only).
We currently have a little over 256,000 people that we are reaching out to and our goal is to reach out to at least one million people around the planet… by Saturday, February 13th, 2010.
Our mission is nothing less than total and utter transformation of our entire planet by restoring a new, heightened sense/experience of quality, purity, goodness, sweetness, innocence, fun, play and the ability to laugh at ourselves and the world to all who come to partake of the refreshing information we provide on the Internet highway.
IQBop accepts all donations to help us grow and flourish! (Suggested small business donation is $75 a month, or whatever you can afford. “Let your conscience be your guide.”) Don’t delay. Play! Simply go to Pay Pal and give whatever you can to
My noble quest is to raise $3 million dollars for peace on Earth by day’s end on Valentine’s Day, Sunday February 14th, 2010. One million people at $3 “a-peace” equals $3 million dollars in the name of peace for “our beautiful blue pearl planet!” …_____

Linda Jade Charles…_____
Joy-full owner and founder of
(510) 695-6666

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