Before You Close the Deal, Get a Permit Report

To order a permit report, visit

To order a permit report, visit

The spring home buying season has come early this year. Whether you’re buying a fixer upper or purchasing your dream home, it’s the buyer’s duty to know whether or not the building has all of its proper permits. Your purchase might just be your most valuable asset; therefore you want to verify these permits before it’s too late.

Most assume that disclosures provide all there is to know about the construction history of a property. Disclosures do provide insight about the flaws and defects on a property but, buyer beware! Disclosures do not require the seller to provide proof that construction work was done to code or that the city or county has any record of work done.

The best way to ensure that all the statements in the disclosures are backed up is to get a Permit Report. This report will provide you with a complete sense of the permitted construction history of the property you are interested in. The reports generated by Sherman Oaks based include an inventory of all construction and alteration records for your address of interest.

A Permit Report provides you with copies of the original permits and any certificates issued by the City or County building department.

Permits and copies of building records are a reliable source of information about the construction and alteration history on a property. These documents are from the source and verifiable records with the local building authorities.

The will not only provide you with permits and certificates, but a variety of documents and record requests are available at

To order a permit report for a property you are interested in, visit All you need to get started is the address of the property. will retrieve building permits, certificates of occupancy, open code violations, mechanical, electrical, plumbing permits and much more.

Save yourself from hours in line at City Hall. Request permit records online at and buy yourself some peace of mind.

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