Building Relationships, One Lead at a Time


By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Taylor Howard and Dean Thomas of Real Estate Online Leads, LLC.

Looking for real estate can be a real hassle. There are so many hoops you must jump through to finally own your own home. What if there was a way to instantly connect to realtors in seconds? The partnership between Dean Thomas and Taylor Howard has produced just that: a new way to instantly connect with real estate and mortgage professionals. Behold Real Estate Online Leads, LLC (REOL).

Taylor Howard explains:

“What we’ve done is set up a portfolio of websites such as,,, and These are all online portals to connect consumers with professionals with the click of a mouse.”

Generating real estate and mortgage leads online is nothing new though, correct?

“The difference with us is that we’re not just selling your information like other websites, we’re actually catering to the consumers ourselves with our team of over 50 realtors and loan officers. We’re out there hustling for you.”

Interesting. So how does it work?

“Once you’ve filled out a simple online form, the information is delivered to the realtor’s cell phone via text message and to their email instantaneously. Realtors are actively searching to meet your needs within 60 seconds of you clicking ‘submit.’”

Wait, I don’t want my inbox to be flooded with riff-raff, though.

“Similar websites just take your information and sell it to the highest bidder,” Howard says. “We are a focused professional service. We’re not just out to sell you something, but actually build a relationship with you for the entirety of your home purchase.”

For those worried about getting lost in the shuffle, however, have no fear. Dean Thomas has been serving Southern Californians for over 30 years. He has always been about building relationships first and foremost, because like a well-built piece of property, a sturdy foundation is vital.

What they’ve essentially done with is make the process of buying, selling and investing easier for everyone.

Customers have been so happy with Thomas and Howard’s business model, that as of March 15, they plan a systematic rollout throughout the West Coast, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona, as well as the rest of California.

Howard says, “Our goal is to meet the customer’s need with efficiency and ease. The fear of doing business online is that it depersonalizes things, makes things faceless and robotic. Our experience has proven that when it comes to the largest purchase of your life, people want a personalized, executive service. Long-lasting business relationships have been made through our model.”

If you’re a real estate professional, you can change the way you do business by visiting If you’re a consumer looking for a reliable, streamlined service, go to one of REOL’s online portals at,, or

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