Ramsey-Shilling: Serving Los Angeles Since 1953


Serving the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood areas with integrity and personalized service, their original dreams and goals have blossomed.

Today Ramsey-Shilling Associates is firmly established as a premier real estate company. We consistently average a greater volume of transactions than most other local real estate board members. For over fifty years the name has been synonymous with excellence in performance. This is due to the confidence of local sellers, the financial expertise and perseverance of the agents, and the concentrated marketing efforts we utilize that attract qualified buyers.

Because we have grown with our communities, our associates have intimate knowledge of the character, mood, and growth potential within each neighborhood. Additionally, the majority of our associates live in the communities they serve and thus readily understand the unique opportunities or challenges presented at any given time. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, recreational facilities, shopping areas and traffic, our associates can satisfy the distinct housing preferences of clients.

Whether you are a buyer, seller or investor, you will find a consistent level of professionalism throughout the organization. Ramsey-Shilling Associates prides itself on the professionalism of the agents that represent our company. The average experience of our associates exceeds ten years of full time dedication to their profession. At Ramsey-Shilling Associates it is not just enough to say we are the best; we continually work toward being the very best.

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