Synonymous with Excellence: Ramsey-Shilling Associates

The staff of Ramsey-Shilling.

The staff of Ramsey-Shilling.

60 years later … Ramsey-Shilling Associates still prevails as the Premier Real Estate Company in Toluca Lake and surrounding communities.

Our company was the vision of Paul Ramsey and Lee Shilling when co-founded back in 1953! Today, their vision lives on. The confidence of local sellers, the financial expertise and perseverance, and marketing efforts continue to help us thrive.

For over 60 years, our name has been synonymous with excellence whether you are a Buyer or Seller. Throughout the years, we have grown with our local communities. Most of our associates live and work right in the area they serve, giving them the intimate knowledge and pulse of the “Market” in their neighborhoods.

Whether you are a Buyer, Seller, or Investor, our associates bring their knowledge, experience, and professionalism to every transaction.

Our agents are indispensable to our company pride and ongoing success! The average experience of our career associates is ten years-plus of full time dedication to their profession.

At Ramsey-Shilling Associates, it’s not just good enough to say we’re the best; we continually work at being the very best! We look forward to serving your Real Estate needs in the near future!

The phone numbers are (818) 763-5162 and (818) 761-0902.

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