Tips on Showing Your Home


Aida Poladian.

Art Poladian.

When you are preparing to place your home for sale on the market, keeping your house immaculately clean cannot be overemphasized. In addition to cleanliness, there are simple improvements you can make that will guarantee your property gives a sparkling first impression.

Ensure that your home radiates curb appeal. Address all features of your yard. Remember that first impressions are the most lasting. Objectively scrutinize the interior of your home, de-clutter, and handle minor repairs. People notice flooring. Have your carpets or hardwood floors professionally cleaned. Bring a third party “nose” to sniff out offensive odors. Airing out your home by opening the curtains before you show it, will welcome buyers into a light, fresh environment. Make sure your home is appealing to all the senses.

Your home should look good. It should sound good (soft music or a fountain burbling) and should smell good.

For professional advice and personal service when buying or selling real estate consult Team Poladian at Ramsey Shilling Associates. Aida could be reached at (818)371-5742, or Art at (818)383-2792. E-mail or

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