Introducing Chiropractic Bodywork, Studio City, the New Location of Dr. Christopher Tosh, D. C.


Dr. Christopher Tosh of Chiropractic Bodywork.

Dr. Christopher Tosh is an experienced Chiropractor and is a specialist in a wide variety of techniques. He is a practitioner A.R.T., S.O.T., Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Kinesio taping. This broad expertise gives Dr. Tosh a unique understanding of the body, and his specific combination of muscle work and chiropractic allows him to tailor a treatment that is highly effective and unique to each patient.

Sacro Occipital Technique (S.O.T.) is a very gentle chiropractic approach, ideal for patients with certain pre-existing conditions or for patients that may simply be uncomfortable with traditional chiropractic adjustments. It is a safe and effective technique that helps restore the body and nervous system back to healthy state.

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) is a highly specialized muscle treatment. It is ideal for treatment of high-level athletes as well as those with jobs or life styles that require repetitive activities or prolonged seated positions. ART feels much like a deep tissue massage and involves breaking up unwanted adhesions within the muscles and fascial layers. When fascial layers adhere to one another, muscle function and range of motion become limited and eventually cause pain.

Dr. Tosh combines all of these techniques to create comprehensive Chiropractic Bodywork that is very safe and effective. He is known for taking his time with patients and for getting results others may not been able to achieve.

To learn more, visit, or call (818) 981-BODY [2639].

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