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Dr. Stephen McNeese.

The hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone) Diet

The most important factor in weight loss has always been caloric restriction. The hCG can make dieting less difficult and more productive. hCG mobilizes fat deposits, reduces stomach capacity, lowers the amount of food necessary to achieve satiety and reduces food cravings.

hCG is the female hormone that causes the uterus to enlarge during pregnancy. (At the diet dosage, hCG has no significant effect on men.) Most important to dieters, it also causes the mobilization of stored fat to provide energy for the developing baby. This preferential release of stored fat can be used to the dieter’s advantage. Normal dieting causes the desirable loss of excess fat and the undesirable loss of muscle mass. By selectively mobilizing stored fat as the “preferred” energy source, muscle mass is preserved and those unsightly fatty bulges are the first areas to be lost, restoring desirable body contours more quickly than regular dieting.

A popular weight loss program in the United States is lap band surgery. This surgery restricts one’s ability to ingest food. The hCG diet, by “shrinking” the stomach, has the same effect, only it is achieved non-surgically.

hCG is a controlled substance. A prescription is required and, equally important, medical supervision to monitor your progress is as well. Think of food as medication. Let’s eat our way to a long and enjoyable life!

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