A Dentist like No Other


Dr. Charles Young.

Going to the doctor or dentist these days can make a person feel like just another product on an assembly line. The staff run you through their well-rehearsed procedures, the doctor gives you a cursory exam and you wind up with a cookie-cutter take-a-pill treatment. That is, unless you’ve been lucky enough to go to someone like Dr. Charles Young D.D.S.

With a sincere desire to help his dental patients, Dr. Young discovered that if he spent extra time to really understand what his patients needed and helped them to understand the dental procedures being done, that they responded to the treatment in a much more positive manner. But he also saw that a dental patient might have a nutritional problem or be experiencing anxiety over some other life situation and that these things could either underlie or overshadow any dental situation and treatment.

Dr. Young embarked on independent study into nutrition, fitness, wellness and other holistic healing arts. He has since had the opportunity to extensively apply much of this knowledge to give guidance to his patients, giving each person customized individual care and advice.

From this he developed his Integrative Lifestyle and Holistic Health Coaching programs that address the entire person: Body, Mind and Spirit. For over 40 years he has been a health professional in the San Fernando Valley area.

Dr. Young is now available to bring you his lifetime of experience in healing to coach you on life decisions, health, nutrition and goals. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (818) 419-2660 or visit www.askdoctoryoung.com.

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