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92-year-old publicist Julian Myers.

No one is a testament to the power of fitness and activity to enrich your life more than Julian Myers, the 92-year-old Hollywood publicist. Most recently he competed in nine events in the California State Senior Games at CalTech in Pasadena. He proudly boasted that he has been “the American champion for my age group in the 3,000 meter run for a number of years.” Not only does the amazing Myers enter everything from the 50 to the 1500 meter runs, but he also tries the long jump, triple jump and javelin. He has raced in 25 marathons with more to come. Whew! I get tired just thinking about what he does.

On his 90th birthday, Julian had a party after he had a 90 mile run (over a long weekend). Why does he do it? “I do it to stay young,” he told me with gusto. “Also to spread the word about AmigoDay, which we should all celebrate the first Sunday of every month by keeping in touch with our old pals and making new friends. It is an idea my wife Patsy and I created and trademarked six years ago, and we hope to make it as popular worldwide as Mother’s Day.” He explained that “Amigo” is simply defined as a friend, and is from the Latin word “amicus,” from which we’ve derived America. And Myers would love for people to greet each other as “AmigoDay” friends.

Myers, who got his degree in Cinema at USC in 1939, began his publicity career at 20th Century Fox, helping to make Marilyn Monroe famous. Currently he is an active member of the Public Relations branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, teaches at UCLA Extension (for 32 years) and Loyola Marymount (18 years). He said, “I intend to keep busy in my profession until I’m 120, then I’ll concentrate on my running, and visiting AmigoDay celebrations all over the world!”

That’s a great legacy for my “Amigo” Myers, who has become a Hollywood legend in his own time. Bless him.

Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce Mixer

The Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce Mixer was held at Citibank at Alameda and Pass Avenue, and the event launched the summer with tasty treats and great information from local businesses. I started chatting with the friendly folks from the area about fun summertime activities, and got some great ideas.

Pranay M. Desai, the Citibank Branch Manager, grew up in the neighborhood and said, “I’m a Bulldog at heart, because I graduated Burbank High School. We support their music programs and so I’m looking forward to attending the concerts they have. We work with the area schools to teach the kids about finances. And we work with the Chamber. I love this organization.”

It was easy to see how Anoush Ter-Poghossian became such a sweet lady. Her family’s been in the chocolate business since 1910, with the exquisite handcrafted Mignon Chocolates, in Glendale and Pasadena. “For the summer I’m looking forward to playing tennis and golf at Lakeside,” she told me. “And every day I indulge in a couple of pieces of chocolate. It makes your life sweeter.”

Wendy Winks is the general manager of the School of Rock in North Hollywood. This summer she’ll be busy “putting on shows and helping kids fulfill their dreams. That’s what happens when kids discover the joy of playing music. I’m also going to be helping to build a stage in the backyard of the School of Rock.”

Avon must be proud to have Sheryl Milich as a representative. She talked to me about how the company empowers women and gives them the opportunity to be their own boss. A dancer, this summer Sheryl is looking forward to going on auditions and strutting her stuff at the Millennium Dance Complex in NoHo.

Talking with Citibank’s Rita Jarlekian, she told me this summer her favorite activity will be playing peek-a-boo with her two little boys. She said, “To see their faces when I get home from work is the greatest joy in my life.”

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