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Transform your body with Eric “The Trainer.”

Eric “The Trainer” Fleishman was born in rural Maine. Small in size, he was the town’s “98 lb Weakling” and could often be found hanging on coat racks by his belt loops for the amusement of the local lumberjack offspring. Eric’s father took him to his first martial arts class at the age of ten, initiating a lifelong passion for fitness. Eric’s growth spurt started during college, and needing to fill out his lanky physique, he began a modest workout regiment. The more he noticed the adoring looks from the girls, the more he felt like he had found a path in life.

After graduating, Eric moved to New York and spent five years working as a personal trainer in Manhattan. It was here that he began to develop his unique gender specific workout regiments. In 1996 Eric moved to Los Angeles and set out to learn from the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He located former Vince’s Gym trainers who had helped Arnold Schwarzenegger shape his legendary physique.

With over twenty years of experience, Eric is now an expert in total body transformation and a personal trainer to the Hollywood stars; everybody from Ethan Suplee to Kirstie Alley appreciate Eric’s holistic approach. Eric teaches at the L.A. Sheriff’s Academy and assists the LAPD, CHP and SWAT Teams. He is a television personality and contributor to “Muscle & Fitness” magazine and “Inside Kung Fu” magazine. Eric also helps run Muscle Beach in Venice, CA. Not bad for a 98lb. Weakling.

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