Battle for the belt was compelling and ‘goodbye ruined Tuesday’


Premiere Boxing Champions took it on the chin during last week’s installment of  “Toe-to-Toe Tuesday.”

Their fights fell victim to perhaps the most frustrating foible in boxing…maybe in all sports: judging.

In the Super Featherweight Division, Frank De Alba (21-2-2, 9 KO’s) laced them up against Ryan Kielczweski (26-2, 8 KO’s).

Kielczweski established himself as the aggressor.

He set the tempo and pace, and pressed the action.

De Alba opened up in Round 4 and threw some nice combinations. But he was just outside a proper distance to do the desired damage.

Kielczweski stayed on his toes, and kept his head in motion while southpaw De Alba went flatfooted and stationary.

Into the final rounds Kielczweski remained in control, continued to move forward, and landed the harder punches more often.

At the end of eight rounds they went to the scorecards.

De Alba only won a couple of rounds. However, two judges at ringside scored it 77-75 for De Alba.

That alone is enough to call in the commission for a review.

But the third blind mouse had it 80-72, giving every round to De Alba.

Call the cops, cause we just witnessed a robbery.

That judge needs to be “retired.”

I put that in quotes so it can be interpreted broadly…in keeping with how crooked and guilty that judge might be found; and how “retired” he should get, in accordance.

For the main event, Omar Douglas (17-1, 12 KO’s) slipped between the ropes to meet veteran, and former title challenger, Edner Cherry (35-7-2, 19 KO’s).

They came out cracking.

By the middle of the bout Douglas had taken the momentum and was having success with stiff jabs and overhand rights.

It was a close fight.

However, although Cherry seemed to start out strong in nearly every round, he faded quickly while Douglas was consistently moving forward and landing harder.

Cherry only won three rounds on my scorecard. Douglas should have been given the “W.”

But the judges saw it 98-92 and 96-94 twice, in favor of Cherry.

Douglas was shocked into despondency.

This ruins the sport.

These three judges need to be immediately suspended, and then permanently banned from the sport.

There is no excuse for this type of adjudicating…but there are many possible reasons.

And none of them are savory.

The big bout of the week featured talented newcomer Vasyl Lomachenko, defending his Super Featherweight title against Jason Sosa.

Having only eight professional fights (and he lost one of those) Lomachenko has already won two titles.

Although both boxers were active throughout this fight Lomachenko established his dominance early.

He put Sosa on the ropes at the end of Round 2 and let his fists fly. Battering the body with both hands, Lomachenko had Sosa in trouble until the bell interceded.

Through the middle rounds Lomachenko was landing almost four times more than Sosa. His stiff jab had Sosa’s left eye nearly swollen shut and his relentless attack to the body was taking the air out of Sosa’s tires.

To his credit (and detriment) Sosa is as tough as a 60-cent steak.

He would not quit. But by Round 8, Sosa was little more than a punching bag for Lomachenko.

Sosa’s corner warned him they would stop the bout if he didn’t shift gears.

He made every effort, but he couldn’t land anything.

When his fist got there…Lomachenko wasn’t.

Sosa’s corner wisely tossed in the towel at the end of the 9th.

Vasyl Lomachenko took the TKO victory and continues to make the case that he is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

God Bless and temper your temerity.

Mark Felicetti lacks any    temper, whatsoever. Reach him at

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