Boxer unwraps opponent and Seahawks get coal for Christmas 

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Middleweight Gary (“Spike”) O’Sullivan claims he is related to boxing legend John L. Sullivan (1858-1918, the first “glove-era” Heavyweight champ).

What Gary might lack in DNA matching he makes up for in mustache wax.

O’Sullivan sports a handle bar mustache that would make Snidely Whiplash jealous.

I apologize in advance; but in the “accept everything” “don’t bully” “embrace differences” “find-your-own-style” world in which we live, there is still no room for handle bar mustaches…they look stupid.

Last Saturday Spike took on younger and bigger Antoine Douglas and O’Sullivan quickly gave credence to his ancestral assertions by out-boxing Douglas from the start.

Douglas didn’t seem to have a game plan and he certainly didn’t have any defensive strategy.

He lingered too long and got countered from face to flank. Spike’s investment in the body shots reaped him benefits as Douglas began to slow in the middle rounds.

Spike ate his share of leather but the punches couldn’t have had much heat on them; Spike’s mustache remained perfectly curled.

The end came in Round 7 when Spike pinned Douglas against the ropes and pounded away until Douglas slid to the canvas.

He got to his feet…but he had three French hens and two turtle doves flying in circles over his head. The referee saw that Douglas was impaired and called a halt to the contest.

Good call, ref.

Gary O’Sullivan improves his record to 27-2-1, with 16 KO’s.


In a weekend full of nail-biting finishes, many people are already calling the match between perennial powerhouses the New England Patriots and the Pittsburg Steelers “The Game of the Year.”

This instant classic featured shoestring catches, one-armed receptions in the end zone, missed field goals, crucial 2-point conversions, and numerous lead changes.

…the Rams cooked and carved the Seahawks like a Christmas turkey…

A game-winning touchdown catch in the final 30 seconds (it would have been a TD in flag football, high school football, college football and every other type of football except pro football) was overturned and ruled an incomplete pass.

Pittsburgh’s hopes were then crushed by the worst trick play in the history of the NFL.

With five seconds left Pittsburg attempted a fake spike. Not one Patriot bit on the trick.

A pass went into heavy coverage, the ball was tipped, and it was intercepted in the end zone.

The only pick in the entire game…and it ruined the Steelers’ chance at a game-tying field goal.

There is no question that this was one of the most exciting games of the season. But if you live in Los Angeles and you’re a Rams fan, the game of the year took place in Seattle.

Last Sunday the Rams (10-4) cooked and carved the Seahawks like a Christmas turkey, and served Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll the worst loss of his eight year tenure.

In a 42-7 routing of the Hawks (8-6) Rams quarterback Jared Goff threw two TD’s against one pick, and a scant 120-yards. Most of L.A.’s yardage came on the ground, with running back Todd Gurley carrying the ball.

Head Coach Sean McVay utilized Gurley more than he has all season. And it paid off.

Gurley averaged over seven yards per carry, scoring three touchdowns on 21-carries for a 152-yards on the lawn. He also pulled one out of the air for a total of four TD’s.

The Rams defense was outstanding against Seattle, and they had Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on the run all day.

Not only did L.A. sack Wilson seven times, the Rams “D” added insult to soiled jersey and turffed Wilson in the end zone…for a 2-point safety.

The Rams now hold a two game lead in the NFC West.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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