Good people, bad people and Brussels sprouts

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I hate Brussels sprouts.

I don’t like the way they look, I don’t like the way they smell, and I don’t like the way they taste.

It doesn’t matter how healthy they’re supposed to be, either.

I’ll eat a spinach salad instead; I don’t have to cook it…more vitamins!

But it’s okay if other people like Brussels sprouts. I don’t mind.

That’s the way I judge people, too.

If they’re kind, humble, respectful, they’re good people. I’ll like them.

If they’re mean, braggadocious, ill-mannered, cowardly malicious, or disrespectful to women, humankind, or our country, they’re no good.

They’re the Homo sapiens version of Brussels sprouts.

I’m the same way about sports figures. If I don’t like what I see, if it smells awful, or if it leaves a bad taste…I don’t like it.

Adrien Broner is one such odorous, miniature-cabbage.

His sordid past and lengthy police record aside, last Saturday’s fight from Brooklyn almost didn’t happen.

Broner was arrested in February on a misdemeanor sexual battery charge for “inappropriately groping” a young woman at a mall.

How is it that the #MeToo movement isn’t camped on his doorstep?

Scheduled opponent Omar Figueroa also ran into trouble with Johnny Law and was reportedly arrested for DUI.

To add trauma to intoxication, he pulled out of the fight due to injury.

Jessie Vargas took the challenge on a scant seven weeks notice.

Vargas (28-2-1, 10 KO’s) is 2-2 in his last four bouts, having lost to Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao.

Broner (33-3-1, 24 KO’s) is coming off of a unanimous decision loss to Mikey Garcia in April of last year.

Fortunately everybody managed to stay out of jail long enough for the bout from the Barclays Center to go all 12 rounds.

There’s no question that Broner has a deep skill set, along with speed and power. But he doesn’t do well against talented boxers.

They fought at a contract weight of 144 pounds…Broner had to spit out his gum and strip naked to make weight.

Vargas is a multidimensional boxer and sported a height and reach advantage. What he lacks is true power.

That’s what saved Broner in this fight.

Adrien only threw 17 punches in the opening frame.

Vargas owned him for the first half. Throwing more, landing more and investing some excellent work to the body, Vargas used a stiff jab to pick at Broner from the outside and create openings.

Broner came on strong in the late rounds, picking up the pace and throwing in combinations.

I had Vargas winning 113-115.

Broner had done so little at the start; it’s possible he won a few rounds just because he was doing more, not because he dominated.

It went the distance, and the judges gave them a majority draw.

This fight was too close to dispute that decision.


The bout for the Interim WBC World Middleweight title had a much more definitive conclusion.

Hugo Centeno Jr. faced off against undefeated Jermall Charlo…but not for long.

They spent the 1st round getting their distance and timing, judging range and reaction.

Round 2 was a different story. Charlo pressed Centeno to the ropes, threw a sustained flurry, and landed a left to the forehead and a crushing right to the ear, which set up a left hook that dropped Centeno like a sack of spuds.

He was counted out on the canvas.

Jermall Charlo remains undefeated and improves his record to 27-wins against no defeats, with 21-victories coming by way of knockout.


A shout out to Emannuel Lutheran Church (ELC) for their “Community Cleanup” last weekend, and a special thanks to Sophia, Nickole, Miles and Juliann.

This group of intelligent, well-manner, lovely young ladies are all alumnae of the ELC’s prestigious Laurel Hall School. These teens gave up their Saturday, worked without a break removing trash from the sidewalks in North Hollywood…and didn’t take a single “selfie.”

They are good people.

God Bless and try not to be Brussels sprouts.

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