Graduate takes criminal to school

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There was no title on the line in the Super Lightweight bout between undefeated champ Mikey Garcia and Adrien “The Problem” Broner…but the outcome would hold odd and duplistic consequences.

A win for Broner would not vault him forward by a large degree, but a loss would remove him from any discussion regarding PPV fights.

An “L” for Garcia could be mitigated by him dropping to Lightweight, and cleaning out the division. But a win would solidify his position, and add a lot of dollar $igns to his future fights.

These two boxers couldn’t be more different in style or character.

Broner has been plucking “low-hanging fruit” by picking opponents limited in size, strength, and ability.  The two times he has faced normal sized, multifaceted fighters, he lost.

Broner’s personal history is ugly. He’s had more arrests than title defenses.

Broner’s personal history is ugly. He’s had more arrests than title defenses.

He has “reportedly” been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, multiple assault and battery offenses, and multiple violent felonies…including robbing old ladies.

Broner is also infamous for spewing racial epithets.

Following one particular fight, Broner’s ethnic slurs angered a crowd so badly they pelted him with cups and bottles.

So, after his next bout, Broner brought his children into the ring. He then lifted one of his daughters and carried her to the locker room.

Hiding behind a little girl? That’s the ultimate act of cowardice.

Recently Broner used social media to imply he was going to commit suicide.

Posting pictures of a handgun he had in his car, Broner stated he was “going home.”

He certainly didn’t get the response he desired.

Many people encouraged him to do it…some offered to help.

Police had to respond, but it’s not clear why Broner wasn’t put on a psych evaluation (51-50) or why he wasn’t arrested for having that pistol.

A felon in possession of a firearm is another felony.

With his rap sheet, Broner could have been locked up for 20 years.

“The Problem” solved.

Mikey Garcia is a world champion in three weight classes.

He’s a humble, intelligent, and articulate young man who grew up in Oxnard and graduated from the Ventura County Police Academy.

Garcia stated that he is not only a better fighter than Bronerbut he (Garcia) is a skill level above him.

Garcia backed up that claim in all 12 rounds by putting on a near perfect technical performance.

There was a lot of dancing in the opening frame, but in Round 2 Garcia started to put on a clinic.

He continually cut off the ring, walked Broner down, and put him on the ropes.

Not a body-puncher by nature, Garcia showed his boxing I.Q. by investing in heavy body shots throughout the early rounds.

Firing first and splitting the guard, Garcia was landing to face and head.

Broner kept shaking his head as if to say, “That didn’t hurt.”

Believe me, if a boxer is shaking his head…it hurt.

It must have. Broner was flinching at any movement Garcia made.

Broner’s face told the truth of the matter. It was puffy and swollen on both sides and he had the look of defeat in his eyes.

Garcia landed more than twice as many punches in the first six-rounds, and it wasn’t much different in the last six.

The bout went the distance and Mikey Garcia was awarded a unanimous decision victory (117-111, 116-112 twice).

I couldn’t find a single round that Broner dominated. How two judges could give him four is more scandalous.

It might even be another felony.

God Bless and don’t be “A  Problem.”

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