Punches and Excuses Fly from Every Angle in Title Transfer


By Mark Felicetti

Fight fans got their money’s worth on Saturday when Miguel Cotto put his WBA Junior Welterweight belt on the line against Floyd Mayweather.

On the under card was a bout between up-and-coming Junior Middleweight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and former champ “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Mosley was in great shape. His speed and endurance were up, and he came to win … it just wasn’t enough.

Alvarez looks like he is right off the streets of Dublin. His red hair and freckles brought him the nickname “Canelo” which means “cinnamon” (“ginger” if he were Irish).

His youth (twenty years younger than Mosley) and power proved to be too much.

Alvarez won a unanimous decision victory.

The main event proved to be better than the hype.

Mayweather had to dig deep into his skill set during this fight.

He put together complicated combinations and threw from odd angles to get around Cotto’s guard and land uppercuts on target.

Floyd did a near perfect job of measuring the distance, using his reach advantage, and keeping Cotto at the end of his punches.

But Cotto is tough as a two-dollar steak. He just kept coming, chopping away at Mayweather’s ribs and bloodying his nose.

The judge’s scorecards seemed a bit biased, but they called it right.

Mayweather took the unanimous decision win along with the title, and remains undefeated.

Mayweather hadn’t even stopped sweating after the fight before he was asked about a possible bout with Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather has been ducking that fight for years and his excuses are like a game of “Wack-a-Mole” … as soon as one goes away, two more pop up.

Floyd wanted Manny tested for PED’s (performance enhancing drugs). Manny not only acquiesced, he filed a defamation claim against Floyd.

Mayweather stated he would not give Manny a 50/50 split of revenue.

A fight was announced, but it was carefully timed so that an impending jail sentence “got in the way.”

After the Cotto fight, Floyd said it was a promoter that was responsible for a deal not being signed.

Let me put you wise to what’s going on.

Mayweather doesn’t want this fight.

Manny said he’d take the blood test, and with his court case hinging on him being “PED free,” it wouldn’t be in his best interest to make that offer or file the suit if he’s been “juicing.”

Mayweather can’t use money as an excuse.

The Cotto fight guaranteed him $32 million, plus a share of the PPV.

The jail term is for domestic violence.

During an argument with his ex-girlfriend he allegedly pulled her hair, twisted her arm, and hit her in front of their kids … then he threatened them.

Nice parenting skills.

Mayweather’s misconduct could have netted him 34 years in state prison. But the judge that accepted the bargain gave him a paltry six months, and immediately suspended half of that sentence.

Floyd could reduce his stay by several weeks if he is on his best behavior.

Let’s recap.

The potential sentence was 34 years … he got 90 days.

And he’ll only serve a fraction of that.

So that doesn’t give Mayweather a lot of time to come up with a new excuse.

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