‘Sacrificial Rams?’

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The L.A. Rams squeaked out two wins during preseason.

Starting quarterback Jared Goff took limited snaps in three games. However, his numbers weren’t bad (24 of 32 for one TD and one INT).

Goff might be growing into the position.

He seems more mature, both on the field and during interviews.

But outside forces might be threatening his job security and Rams’ head coach Sean McVay may be getting pressure from the league to sign another, former NFL QB.

Controversial Colin Kaepernick has been a free agent for months…and no one has called.

Let me say up front: anyone who disrespects our veterans, flag, anthem or our country can chew rocks.

Those sentiments were echoed by Hall of Famer and long-time activist Jim Brown who recently stated, “I’m an American. I don’t desecrate my flag and national anthem.”

But there are issues related to the “Kaeper-dicament” that are more pertinent than his disrespect.

Bills running back LeSean McCoy noted that Kaepernick is just not a good enough player to be worth the distraction he’d cause.

That particular issue played out last month when protesters rallied to demand that Kaepernick get signed to a team.

Several media outlets reported that movie director Spike Lee had organized the rally.

Lee denied those reports, but appeared on CNN that same day (what a coincidence) to accuse owners of “colluding” to keep Kaepernick out of the league. Lee posits that Colin’s politics and color are the real issues.

Lee (whose knowledge of sports management is questionable) implied that Kaepernick should be a starting QB, but offered no actual evidence…other than to say that Kaepernick is “better than Jay Cutler.”

That’s like comparing rotten apples to rotten oranges.

Kaepernick has strength, speed and decent throwing abilities.

Solid quarterbacks use those talents to execute plays, with precision, under game pressures.

Kaepernick doesn’t.

If his receivers are covered he panics, and makes poor decisions.

Despite his shortcomings, Kaepernick was demanding $10 million.

Poor performance. High price.

Mike Sando (ESPN) conducts a yearly survey, asking franchise execs and coaches to rank 36 NFL Quarterbacks. Colin came in at 29th, overall. And in last year’s survey (even before he sat during the anthem) he ranked a similarly dismal 28th; his numbers virtually the same.

Insiders say the Rams were being considered a team that should sign Kaepernick.

Goff’s shaky performance aside, Colin’s style doesn’t fit into McVay’s offensive plan.

The NFL should not kowtow to political agendas.

Hopefully they learned a lesson in 2014, when special interest groups pressured the office to find a team for last round draft pick Michael Sam (249th out of 256).

He couldn’t even make it in the Canadian league.

Here’s the absolute, fact-based, drop-the-mic-and-walk-offstage truth as to why Kaepernick’s phone isn’t ringing: he only chalked up three wins in the last two seasons.

Three (3) wins against sixteen (16) losses.

That’s an 84 percent failure rate.

Meeting adjourned! We’re done.

What if Spike Lee were making a movie about the 1960s and ignorant film-fans rallied to demand that Lee sign Steven Seagal (instead of a real actor) to play young Bobby Kennedy?

And what if Seagal expected the same size paycheck that Tom Hanks or George Clooney would get?

It’s different when it’s your money…isn’t it Spike?

The Rams host Indianapolis this Sunday and Colts starting quarterback Andrew Luck will not play (shoulder injury) giving McVay and Goff a welcome advantage.

A win would push back hard against any pressures.

God Bless and don’t spoil my Sunday with politics, meddlers or poor performers.

Mark Felicetti  supports  your right to  enjoy  full-contact  and combat sports. It’s your free choice! Reach him at mark@tolucantimes.com.


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