‘The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.’ -Mark Twain

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If two-minutes of political news isn’t enough to prove the ignominy of our fellow man, then take a moment and look around any public venue.

There is evidence everywhere of how selfish, sloppy, and shamefully self-absorbed people have become…and nowhere is this more evident than the gym.

People sit on the equipment, with their phones in-hand, oblivious to anything else as they scroll through their emails, take pictures of themselves, and carry on conversations I don’t care to hear.

There are the “noisemakers.”

The vocal ones yell, moan, grunt, groan, and the hiss expletives.

Folks are wearing far too revealing outfits to the gym, both men and women.

The other ones make noise with the equipment. They let the plates smack together or they drop dumbbells and startle everyone in the gym with the reverberating racket.

If they cannot put a weight down properly—then don’t pick it up.

There is a gaggle of skinny, elderly women that camp out on the elliptical machines.

They’ve no business trying to burn calories. They’re already six-pounds lighter than the grim reaper.

They create a terrible “trip hazard” by laying a towel next to the machine and covering it with magazines, books, water jugs, (and everything else that should have gone into a locker). They then proceed to tie up that area for hours.

Folks are wearing far too revealing outfits to the gym, both men and women.

Guys are wearing shorty-shorts and stringer tops…it is not a good look. Plus they leave the benches slimy.

In our hypersensitive, easily offended society I’m not sure where to look or how to react when a woman strolls into the gym wearing less clothes than some of the dancers I have tipped, generously.

People are a constant disappointment, while animals are a joyous gift from God

Love your pets, take good care of them, and try to be the person they think you are.


The fight card from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas featured some new faces and fresh talent, all trying to distinguish themselves from the pack.

Super Featherweight Andres Cortes (11-0, 6 KO’s) has been padding his stats and keeping his undefeated status alive by fighting taxi drivers and party planners.

Jahmal Dyer (9-2, 5 KO’s) was supposed to be his next victim.

Dyer’s previous opponents were so weak they could only collectively muster 19-wins…against 27-defeats.

But Dyer possessed an 8-inch reach advantage and has a very awkward style. So instead of Cortes getting an early knockout, he got stymied.

Not only did Cortes struggle to find the right tactic, Dyer dropped him with a counter-right hook late in Round 4.

The bout went all eight-rounds and the volume of punches told the tale. Cortes threw a little more, but landed twice as much.

He was correctly awarded a unanimous decision but the judges were far too generous to Cortes in their scoring.


Only two of the fights from Sam’s Town were decided by knockouts.

In a Super Middleweight match, Kevin Newman II hit Cesar Ugarte so hard that it knocked Ugarte’s picture completely off his fighter profile page on the BoxRec website. Check if you don’t believe me.

Kevin Newman II improves his campaign to 9-1, 5 KO’s.


The other bout that didn’t go the distance was in the Super Featherweight division.

Undefeated Xavier Martinez (14-0, 10 KO’s) stood across from veteran John Moralde (21-3, 11 KO’s).

Moralde had an extensive amateur career while Martinez has been steadily moving up his level of competition.

Moralde didn’t seem to have a game plan…unless he had trained to retreat.

Martinez rocked him in the opener and then bombed away from hip-to-head throughout Round 2.

In the first minute of the 3rd Moralde dipped forward and came up into a chopping left hook that sent him south.

He took the count and tried to continue but the referee saw the danger and called a halt to the contest.

Good call, ref.

Xavier Martinez remains undefeated and moves closer to title contention.

God Bless our pets.

Mark Felicetti will bore you to tears with stories of his cat and dogs. Reach him at mark@tolucantimes.com.  


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