Drive Theatre Company’s ingenious ‘Women of 4G’ takes murder to new heights

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Review by Pamela Manganaro

Drive Theatre Company, in collaboration with Fierce Backbone, presents Women of 4G, a new play written by Nicholl Award-winning playwright Amy Tofte and directed by Doug Oliphant.

Set in the year 2094, Women of 4G follows an all-female crew on a mission to outer space to buy the earth another 500 years of air. What seems to be a routine satellite upgrade turns into a murder mystery leaving everyone open to scrutiny when the captain is discovered dead.

The crew accuses the second-in-command officer of wanting the glory and fame of saving humanity while the real killer goes undetected. Instead of turning back to safety, the crew decides to move forward with the mission.

This reviewer was shocked by the ingenious way they sussed out the killer who was later chosen to complete the upload with the satellite. Risking being lost to the stars for all eternity, she returns to the ship and awakens to discover that circumstances have drastically changed on board. As First Team, the women of 4G must make life and death decisions.

Tofte and the gifted cast show us what real heroes are made of. The entire set and theatre is made to feel as if the audience is on board the ship and in deep space. Movable pods are arranged in multiple ways serving as everything from an autopsy table to the control center on the bridge.

“Women of 4G” is playing at 8pm, Friday and Saturday, June 16th and 17th at The Zephyr Theatre located at 7456 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at or by calling (800) 838-3006.


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