Emotionally driven ‘A Delicate Ship’ sets sail at Road Theatre on Magnolia

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Friendships put to the test through Sun., March 11 in NoHo

Review by Bob Rich

On Saturday, January 27, I attended the play A Delicate Ship which left me reflecting deeply about time, relationships, solitude, decisions and loss. It was ultimately uplifting. Anna Ziegler wrote the play while Andre Barron directed.

A Delicate Ship focuses on a young couple, Sam and Sarah. One evening, Nate, a childhood friend of Sarah’s, visits the couple at Sarah’s apartment. Nate truly cares for Sarah, so he attempts to use his cunning wit to undermine her relationship with Sam. Eventually, the rising tension explodes in a moment of violence, followed by tragedy and then a flash forward into hope.

Paris Perrault is touching as the warmhearted Sarah. Philip Orazio is completely believable as the thoughtful singer/songwriter Sam. Josh Zuckerman brings levity and also gravity as Nate.

The staging is uncluttered. Virtually the only props onstage are a couch, a chair, a guitar and a coffee table. The lighting is skillful, with evocative changes in color to suit the shifting moods.

Near the end, I thought of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, where a green light, shining from a dock across the bay, represents Jay Gatsby’s dream to reunite with his love, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby’s quest leads to his devastation. In A Delicate Ship we see a flashing red light, strobing above the stage, after Nate tries to reunite with his love Sarah, with a disastrous outcome. Impressively, both stories leave me feeling exhilarated, not melancholy, since the narratives are so rewarding, insightful and finely crafted.

“A Delicate Ship” runs through Sunday, March 11 at the Road Theatre on Magnolia located in the NoHo Senior Arts Colony at 10747 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. Call (818) 761-8838 or visit RoadTheatre.org.


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