Green Man Store’s popular Healing Faire returns to NoHo Sat., Jan. 5

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On Saturday, January 5 The Green Man Store on Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood will be presenting another popular New Year’s Psychic/Metaphysical Healing Faire. These events are a hustle and bustle of fun and mystery all wrapped up in the kind of magic The Green Man Store has become well known for. It’s the kind of gathering that puts you at ease in the safety and familiarity of being in company with like-minded people.  Spending the day grazing the rich smorgasbord of psychic readers and healers brings a touch of excitement and fun as you peek under the wrapper of the future.


Psychic Faires at The Green Man were established in 2011 as a means to explore the many readers and healers we have.  As no psychic or healer may work for everyone, it really is a matter of finding the right match of the right psychic for the right client.

Why seek help from a psychic?

Some people follow fate blindly, however, some see that fate is not locked but open to change.  Why look to read the future if it’s set in stone?  If we were powerless to bring change to coming events why would we want to know what the future held? A good psychic can read the patterns of spirit quality, known as the threads of fate, as they weave the tracks that we, following the path of least resistance, follow.  These spirit quality tracks form opportunities, and sometimes bindings. Either way, when we have clarity, we have the ability to choose a different path and thus bring change to our fate. 

A happy well-adjusted spirit is a healthy spirit.  Energetic Healers work with many modalities but often on the premise that by changing the root quality of energy within the body, one can shift the physical expression of health and well-being within the body and mind.

The Psychic/Metaphysical Healing Faire takes place Saturday, January 5, 11am-5:30pm at The Green Man Store located at 5712 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood. Call (818) 985-2010 for more information.


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