Group Rep’s comic fractured fairy tale ‘Whoopsie-Doopsie!’ in NoHo through March 3

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Blending a little risqué humor with comic malapropisms, Art Shulman’s Whoopsie-Doopsie! is a modern day fractured fairy tale focusing on one young man’s little mistake with big consequences. Lighthearted, breezy, but filled with adult humor, the show offers a quirky take on high school romance.

Popular Cedar Glen high school hot throb Billy (Robert Michael Grant) receives unpleasant news from childhood sweetheart/girlfriend Joannie (Lavanya Aggarwal) that turns his world upside down. Can the two find a solution that makes everyone happy?

Shulman employs colorful language and outrageous malapro-pisms in a unique take on unintended pregnancy, keeping the subject unexpectedly funny. Director Shulman keeps things rolling right along with fine timing and fast-paced action, his actors throwing off witty double entendres and gags left and right.

Aggarwal’s deft underplaying complements Grant’s low-key charm, the counterbalance to the over-the-top characters around them. Jody Bardin brings an expressive physicality to the multiple roles he plays while Jane Bonham gives colorful zest to her characters.

A fast-paced, entertaining look at handling those unexpected accidents in life, Whoopsie-Doopsie! combines cartoonish action and off the wall humor into pleasing adult entertainment.

“Whoopsie-Doopsie!” plays Saturdays at 2pm and Sundays at 7pm through March 3 at Upstairs at the Group Rep, second floor of the Lonny Chapman Theatre, located at 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood. Tickets cost $20, $17 for seniors/students with ID. Talkback dates after Saturday matinees on February 9 and 23. For reservations visit or call (818) 763-5990.


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