It is a brand new year..a fresh start for all of us!

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A time for resolutions that usually last till about early February…unless you are among the disciplined among us.

A hodgepodge of chitchat

After many years of writing my weekly column on local theatrical productions, my musings recently have appeared a bit less frequently. Due to the various painful effects of fibromyalgia…I, like millions of others (mostly female), have been struggling with the saga of this condition. That is why my column the past year has appeared less regularly.

This year, why not resolve to catch some of L.A.’s diverse theatrical offerings?

Unfortunately, one must get out of their pajamas to attend live theatre. I’m still trying to open my shop daily (Hubba Hubba! on Magnolia) but I’m just not catching as many theatrical productions to tell you about. I miss being on the pulse of the L.A. theatrical scene, but hopefully this year I will catch more opening nights than in recent months. I hope some of you have missed reading my two cents worth, as I’ve missed sharing it with you.

It is a NEW YEAR – 2018. A chance to start again for each of us and to strive for a more productive and meaningful life. I caught Darius Rucker on TV singing “When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?” Sounds like a great concept for the start of a new year!

This year, why not resolve to catch some of L.A.’s diverse theatrical offerings? They offer a wonderful retreat from the daily grind, and a chance to spend quality time with family and friends.

I will be attending the NoHo opening night performance of A Delicate Ship at The Road Theatre mid-January. This savvy theatre troupe never disappoints! Of course I will tell you all about it after I see it.

It is a new year, a brand new adventure for all of us. EMBRACE IT WITH GUSTO!

In addition to writing about theatre for The Tolucan Times, Pat Taylor owns Hubba Hubba! vintage clothing store in Burbank.


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