Jennie Fahn’s ‘Under The Jello Mold’ exposes mother-child dynamic

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One-person show winner of Best Solo Performance at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival

Review by Radomir
Vojtech Luza

If you want to see a one-person show rich in imagination, humor and color make a beaten path to Under The Jello Mold performed and written by Jennie Fahn at The Whitefire Theatre on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

This is the story of Fahn and how she deals with her hurricane of a mother. It fills the heart with an onslaught of stories about love, loss and motherhood.

A one-person show must demonstrate diversity of character, intelligent, crisp, catchy and electric dialogue and stage presence that catches and holds the audience’s attention. This show, winner of the Best Solo Performance at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, delivers in all three categories with a uniquely comedic turn by Fahn and transparent direction by Tom Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh, The Actors Studio Drama School M.F.A., molds the play into a showcase for Fahn’s hysterics, dramatics and linguistics in a manner that unearths the show’s deeper meaning. The language is natural, genuine and never contrived. It suits Fahn the performer brilliantly.

In the end, Under The Jello Mold succeeds because of its spontaneous and tender spirit, charm and courage, not despite it. Yes, we all have mothers, but few children dare dive into the choppy waters of the mother-child dynamic and mine as much comedy, joy and wisdom as Fahn.

“Under The Jello Mold” plays Saturdays at 8pm through November 9 at The Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. Tickets are $20. Visit for more information and reservations.


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