Kellyann Chippendale’s award-winning ‘Meisnered’ featured at Big Sur’s Esalen Inspirational Film Festival

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Filmmaker/actress Kellyann Chippendale highlighted the Esalen Inspirational Film Festival in Big Sur, California on April 24 with her award-winning short film-within-a-film-documentary, Meisnered.

Chippendale wrote and directed Meisnered as a tribute to legendary acting teacher Sanford Meisner and his influence on her acting and filmmaking journey. It portrays actors learning his technique and demonstrates “How one great teacher can change your life” and “inspire connection through dialogue, empathy and making dreams come true,” she says.

Her earlier version of the film, Getting Meisnered, opened the Monaco International Film Festival in Monte Carlo and received six awards, including the coveted Independent Spirit Award, Best Cinematography and Best Producer. Film critic David Sheehan mentored Chippendale and shepherded Getting Meisnered to completion as co-producer.

The Meisner Acting Technique encourages actors to work off each other by emphasizing listening. Chippendale believes implementing the Technique could transform relationships in society and the world.

An actress who says she just wanted to act, Chippendale learned to not wait for Hollywood to come to her. She filmed her personal story about Sanford Meisner’s influence on her life. On “The Possibility Tour,” now underway, Chippendale brings Meisnered to cities and campuses around the country, including the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, and speaks on the possibility of listening, inspiration and dialogue for youth.

Having worked with emotionally disturbed children, Chippendale believes that hours spent staring at a smartphone inhibits the development of communication skills necessary to our survival. She says she wants to help young people penetrate the fog of being “Not present in their lives” and “not settle for mediocrity.”

The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival runs through Friday, April 27 on the picturesque cliffside grounds of The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Visit for more information. Also visit


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