Make time for Steve Chang’s one-man ‘A Complete Waste of Time’—a humorous look at jobs, dating and psychedelia

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Review by Bob Rich

In his humorous, one-man show, A Complete Waste of Time, Steve Chang describes a medley of colorful adventures from his life. By the end, I was amazed at how he got us all to laugh at a variety of serious topics.

Chang jokes about cultural issues, workplace frustrations, traveling to Peru for a psychedelic experience, the foibles of modern dating and his time at a camp where people try to change their lifestyles. He had the audience in stitches with his amusing observations about the corporate world, as he reflected on annoyances we go through in most any profession.

Chang’s skillful use of self-deprecating humor allows us to accompany him through his stories with a smile. His comedic delivery is down-to-earth and full of vivid attention to detail.

He keeps the staging bare, so the emphasis can be entirely on the storytelling. We watch Chang in the spotlight, as he tells us anecdotes with excellent comedic timing.

It’s fortunate for us that Chang expresses his own life reflections in such an entertaining way. When he talks about the use of digital technology in dating nowadays, he jokingly says that computers allow us to be “rejected by hundreds of people a day.”

With his clever comedy show, Chang is guaranteed to be applauded by many hundreds of people.

“A Complete Waste of Time” can be enjoyed on Saturday, June 16, 7pm and on Friday, June 22, 8:30pm at the Actors Company located at 916 N. Formosa Ave., in Los Angeles. For tickets visit



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