Political ‘North Plan,’ starring Scott Haze & Emily De Margheriti, directed by Cary Norman Haze, at NoHo’s Sherry Theater Apr. 5 – 28

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The North Plan, a play by Jason Wells and directed by Cary Norman Haze, presented by The Sherry Theater and DEMS Entertainment, is a politically charged, female-led comedy about a ruthless faction that seizes power in Washington. It stars Emily De Margheriti, Dylan Kenin, Amy Argyle, Jim Freivogel, Shane Vitkovich and Scott Haze.

Emily De Margheriti, whose production company DEMS coordinated with The Sherry, and director Cary Norman Haze, who is also brother to star and theater founder Scott Haze, spoke about the production.

Cary Norman Haze explained, “My brother, Scott Haze, said he was producing a play with Emily and was interested in collaborating with me as the director.”

De Margheriti added, “DEMS Entertainment is our family production company…I like to play complex characters and doing so in front of a live audience.” Why this play? Haze says, “I have always resonated with the old Latin quote ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodies’ which means ‘who watches the watchers.’ The North Plan tells a story in a comedic way of the possible outcome if we don’t keep our government in check. My goal as an artist has always been to ask that question and make the public think and what better way than through laughter.”

De Margheriti said, “I believe this comedic play opens up the audience’s hearts. I was drawn to Tanya, a character whose childlike innocence left me wanting to explore her unique perspective, in the ways in which she sees the world.”

The Sherry Theater is a special place to the Haze brothers says Cary, “My mother happens to be Sherry. Back in 2005 my brother, mom and I built the theater.”

De Margheriti feels it too: “Scott has created an intimate place at The Sherry where storytelling can feel more raw and personal for the audience.”

“The North Plan” is on stage Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 28 at The Sherry Theater located at 11052 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. Visit thesherry.org for tickets.


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