Porters’ production of William Shakespeare’s King John is entertaining and topical

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The current political situation as it is makes an interesting allegory with this story of a man who reached too far and did not act when he should and acted when he should have not. And paradoxically, trusted the wrong people.

Imagine a central character is not heroic or powerful or even has an appealing dramatic flaw. Contemplate this for the same as weak willed, temperamental and not capable of intrigue or intellectual savvy. A mighty kingdom slips through his clutched hands.

John (an always excellent Gus Krieger) wants the crown but not the weight it carries.

The Porters of Hellsgate Theatre Company excel in creating atmosphere, cohesiveness and excitement in their productions. They cast well and one can immediately deduce that such structure demands ardent rehearsals. This was no exception.

Betsy Roth absolutely shined as Constance. She captured the essence of her character with a feminine majesty that represents the power of strong woman: determined, fearless and allows rational feelings to shape her thoughts. Molly Wear as Arthur was outstanding by portraying an introspective, kind boy, who, thrust into an impossible situation, kept his dignity intact.

William Gray Schierholt as Philip (the bastard) is allowed the humor and jest in an otherwise straightforward drama.

Director Thomas Bigley shows the assured confidence of a director who reigns in the narrative while allowing the players to bask in the limelight of their respective roles.

Trust Porters of Hellsgate with a trustworthy and entertaining production. The verse spoken contains a magic that remains unbroken over 400 years.

Highly recommended.

King John by William Shakespeare, through December 10th at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center. Location: 11006 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood, 91602. For more information, call: 818-325-2055 or e-mail PortersofHellsgate@gmail.com.


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