‘Silence! The Musical’ a bawdy night of fun at Let Live Theatre through Nov. 3

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Silence! The Musical is a lightning-paced parody of the classic film Silence of the Lambs set to music. How can such a terrifying psychological drama be made into a musical comedy, you may wonder? Well, Bucket List Theatre’s production manages to pull it off. Not for children, or for folks with sensitive sensibilities, this show is at once hilarious, crass, wild and silly, and is guided by a chorus of singing, dancing lambs. Really.

Clarice Starling (Amanda Conlon) is a rookie FBI agent assigned to pick the brain (so to speak) of Dr. Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter (Jesse Merlin) in order to get clues to the M.O. of Buffalo Bill (Nick Dothee), a serial killer who preys upon innocent and overweight girls. Time is of the essence: Buffalo Bill must be stopped from killing again. Dr. Lecter understands the killer’s mind, as he himself is a sadistic killer.

The cast is superb. Merlin’s Dr. Lecter is electrifying. Conlon is perfect as a bright, but slightly goofy Clarice. (Conlon also directed and choreographed this craziness.) Nick Dothee bridges the chasm between evil torturer and misunderstood young man. Brian Dyer as Crawford, and Kevin Michael Moran as the narcissistic Dr. Chilton are perfectly cast. And the lambs, many of whom have dual roles, connect the story with individuality and energy.

“Silence! The Musical” runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm through November 3 at the Let Live Theatre, at The Actor’s Company, 916 N Formosa Ave. in Los Angeles. Visit BucketListTheatre.com/silence for tickets. This show contains strong language and subject matter and not recommended for children or those easily offended.


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