‘The Great American Songbook’ immortalizes Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and more at Lincoln Stegman Theatre

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With a beat we tap, with a melody we hum and with a song we sing. The essence of Americana was condensed by some of the most prolific songwriters of any era when the great American standards were written in the early 20th century. But those writers inhabited a much less complicated time. Music was not shared by an electronic device, but by sheet music and with radios and record players. The limitations afforded a time restraint for the composition, yet it shared a great dynamic—those interested could hear the song and with some practice, sing and play along.

The songs were indeed catchy.

The Great American Songbook more than reminisces of days long past. It celebrates the best of craftsmanship and talent. Names like Cole Porter, Irving Berlin; Rogers & Hart/Hammerstein have been immortalized. Some of these tunes will never escape the collective consciousness.

Produced and directed by Carol Bratcher and Associate Producer Carole-Jean Willis, The Great American Songbook features a sampling of the aforementioned artists by a cast talented and dedicated to their craft.

Choreographers Heidi Carpenter, Roberta Fasso-Locke and Vicki Kirk utilized a cast of 24 and made the dance numbers work seamlessly.

Too many songs to mention, but know that each is imbued with a delightful interpretation and brings to life the bright melodies, snappy beats and cheerful lyrics. They are easy to sing along to.

It is affirming how these songs are being passed from one generation to the next. But that is what great art does.


“The Great American Songbook” runs through August 20 at Lincoln Stegman Theatre located at 6020 Radford Ave. in North Hollywood. For tickets email cjluvscupcake@icloud.com or call (818) 509-0882.

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