‘The Rescued’ asks can scars ever be fully healed through Nov. 11 in NoHo

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“What happens to a human being after being abused, forgotten and living in a cage for years?” That is the question with which we are confronted in Julie Marie Myatt’s play, The Rescued. But is it a story of broken humans, or abused and neglected animals? The actors, of course, are human, portraying characters who live together—six beings who have been rescued. As the play progresses, each “human” takes on an added dimension.

Meeghan Holaway (Candice) is spot on with her feline-esque body language. Darrell (Rahul Rai) is adorable as the hyper, OCD fellow whose scars reveal a horrid past, but whose eagerness to love and be loved are infectious. Harold (J.D. Hall) and Buster (Leandro Cano) are two pals who have seen the underbelly of life and the inside of a cage. And there is Jason, (Patrick Joseph Rieger) the angry, sometimes violent musician, who thrusts himself upon Lola (Kacie Rogers), a vulnerable soul who hides in the closet. Each character has had a tortured past, beaten and confined, neglected and unloved. Now that they have been rescued, can they find hope, or are they too scarred?

“Do we find the same compassion for them (humans) that we might find for rescue animals?” That is the second question we are asked. Myatt and director Marya Mazor have painted each character with an animal-like brush giving the story added depth.

“The Rescued” plays Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm through Sunday, November 11 at The Road Theatre, NoHo Senior Arts Colony, located at 10747 W. Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood. Call (818) 761-8838 or visit RoadTheatre.org.


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