Tom Malloy is a ‘horrifying’ triple threat—singer, dancer, award-winning actor

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New ‘#Screamers’ movie will scare the pants off you

By Gail E. Moss

First go to the bathroom, then go directly to YouTube and watch the trailer for writer, producer and star Tom Malloy’s film #Screamers. The concept and depicted “found footage” scared the you-know-what out of this writer. If you’re like me and love a well written thriller, love to be scared, but not grossed out by gallons of blood, then #Screamers is for you.

Malloy’s found footage is, he says, “…recorded from a first-person perspective. They are killed and somebody finds the footage.” He uses the example of Blair Witch. “At first people actually thought it was real and now it’s become its own genre designed to fool the audience. But we took found footage to a higher level and #Screamers is almost like a documentary, a docuhorror, it’s that realist,” he explained.

Malloy won three Best Actor awards for the film Hero of the Underworld, but he’s not a scary guy. He uses comedy as a way of “letting the brakes off” in tense stories. He has trained at I.O. West Improv, has done stand-up comedy, and he’s also a singer and trained West Coast Swing ballroom dancer, saying, “Getting to dance with Betty White in the film Love N’ Dancing was the highlight of my career.”

Malloy always brings his A-game to his work. Writing and producing make him a triple-plus threat. His numerous other projects include Midtown, a comedy in its second season on Amazon, Trauma Therapy a film he co-wrote about a crazed self-help guru, Fair Haven with Tom Wopat, The Alphabet Killer with Cary Elwes and Timothy Hutton and The Attic with Elisabeth Moss.

The Los Angeles red carpet premiere of #Screamers is Thursday, April 12, 6:15pm, at Los Feliz 3 Cinemas located at 1822 N Vermont Ave. in the heart of Los Feliz Village. See trailer links at, and after Tuesday, April 17 you can find it on VOD and InDemand.


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