Whitefire Solofest’s ‘Occupy Your Vagina!’ celebrates vibrancy of mature women

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One-night only with Mariann Aalda in Sherman Oaks Tues., Jan. 23   

Occupy Your Vagina! is a woman’s “coming of age-ing” exploration written and performed by actress Mariann Aalda as “Adult Sex-Ed Evangelist & Mojo Motivator, Ginger Peechee-Keane.” With shows in New York City, New Orleans and Chicago, the Whitefire Theatre is hosting its West Coast Premiere on Tuesday, January 23, at 8 pm, at the Whitefire in association with their annual Solofest. Dwayne Alan Foster is associate producer.

The sex-istential comedy deftly challenges beliefs about women, sex and aging and jauntily covers such topics as puberty, marriage, parenting, divorce, an empty nest, late-in-life dating, mortality and self-acceptance.

‘…older women are “hot” right now…’

—Mariann Aalda

After a successful television career which included series-regular and recurring roles, Aalda hit her head on the glass ceiling of ageism that so often befalls actresses. She redirected her actor’s curiosity about the human condition into becoming a hypnotherapist and ended up as her own best client.

Aalda says, “Most of my clients were women my age suffering from depression and I realized that they had already been hypnotized. They were under a spell cast by society and contemporary media that women lose value and sexual viability as they get older. My job was to de-hypnotize them.”

The positive suggestions Aalda gave her clients took root in her own subconscious, catapulting her back to acting and a mission of changing the paradigm on women and aging.

Over the next decade of theatrical productions, sketch comedy, standup and a 25-episode improv comedy web-series, she honed her performance art character of sexpert, “Ginger.”

Aalda’s career journey was recently profiled by AARP Studios for their #DisruptAging campaign, and after several years working in New York and Chicago, she’s now back in Los Angeles.

“Chicago winters are cold and older women are ‘hot,’ right now,” says Aalda. “I’m ready for my next TV close-up.”

“Occupy Your Vagina!” plays Tuesday, January 23, 8pm, at Whitefire Theatre located at 13500 Ventura Bl. in Sherman Oaks. Tickets are $20 at OccupyYourVagina.com.  


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