Write Act Repertory’s ‘Diversions of Life’ by Linda L. Rand offers pathos infused with humorous charm

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Show part of ‘Madness, Mayhem, & Other Stimulants…When Women Write!’ theatre festival 

Sometimes it is the small moments that we remember with great tenderness. It can be said that such times can lead to great discovery of oneself and their place in the world—even if these shared experiences are comical, tragic or somewhere in between.

Diversions of Life is the first part of a series playing at The Brickhouse in North Hollywood. This set features six one-acts all written by Linda L. Rand. Ranging from sardonic wit to black comedy, central themes emerge of self-realization, individuality and power, overcoming fear (be it internal or external) and solidifying one’s unique voice.

From the caustic “Strangers No More” with Suzanne Collins and David Mingrino, to a fantasy- based “Searching for Mrs. Pan” with Nancy Lantis as a resigned Tinker Bell and Tinks Lovelace as a genderless Frank which parlayed a fascinating, albeit skewed view of our beloved fairy tales.

What is so interesting of one-act plays is the compression. Like a haiku, each word is imperative to the symmetry of the whole. Rand has a gift for infusing pathos into something familiar and entertaining, found in “All Propped Up” with Georgia Ann Silva and Tatum Shank. It turns the tables for many the artisan who has over-welcomed their stay in a taut relationship.

This is a production that entices the audience with the characters who may be a bit odd, but their particular brand of neurosis is both compelling and charming.


“Diversions of Life” by Linda L. Rand plays Friday, September 1 – Sunday, September 3 at The Brickhouse located at 10950 Peach Groove St. in North Hollywood. Visit WriteActRep.org or call (800) 838-3006.  “Madness, Mayhem, & Other Stimulants…When Women Write!” theatre festival runs through October 1.


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