‘Love, Sex and the IRS’ Earns Laughs


From left, Nathanial Dobies, Tamara Lynn Davis, Bret Colombo and George Cummings in “Love, Sex and the IRS.”

“Love, Sex and the IRS” contains hilarious sight gags and fine acting as it presents the difficult way of trying to reduce tax payments. The production reveals Jon (Nathaniel Dobies) suffering a really bad day: his mother (Sally Richter) is coming to visit, he’s having problems with his girlfriend (Tamara Lynn Davis), and an IRS agent (George Cummings) is coming to interview him regarding his true marital status. He’s told the IRS he’s married to his roommate Leslie (Bret Columbo), who’s actually a man.

After juggling misidentifications and snowballing white lies, can Jon resolve his tax issues without losing his girlfriend, mother, and roommate in one fell swoop?

Director Christopher Chase keeps the action jumping with good energy and timing. Lines pile on top of lines, and the constant movement makes the play funnier, along with the steady precision and timing of sight gags.

Chase draws fine performances from his cast, who consistently underplay their roles. Cummings steals the show as the nerdy but randy IRS agent, with an incredibly rubbery body and hilarious body movement. Columbo makes Leslie a sly charmer, bringing a sympathetic ineptitude to his oversized womanliness. Dennis’s Kate is a warm, soothing anchor in the maelstrom of deception.

Chase’s artfully designed late 1970s young men’s apartment brims with cheesy colors, iconic posters, and the mismatched bachelor look, and the driving sound cues bring the period vividly alive.

“Love, Sex and the IRS” is a farce filled with good sight gags, fine acting, and excellent timing.

TRIBE productions presents “Love, Sex and the IRS” Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 8 p.m. through January 30 at the Dorie Theatre at the COMPLEX, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Tickets cost $20 for adults, $15 for students and seniors. Call (661) 547-1173 for tickets and reservations. Visit www.theTRIBEproductions.org/tickets for a 10 percent discount using the code LOVE.

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