“Dead, Therefore I Am” Rants Against Depression

(L to R): Max Leavitt (J.T. Blackwell) and Nicholas Vitulli (Dr. Licht).

(L to R): Max Leavitt (J.T. Blackwell) and Nicholas Vitulli (Dr. Licht).

Intense and visceral, “Dead, Therefore I Am” views the horrors and sufferings of depression through a Goth perspective.  Visually creative and thoughtfully put together, the show surges with emotion.
30-year old J. T. Blackwell (Max Leavitt) suffers from a debilitating form of depression, which finds him at the end of his rope, figuratively chained to the Egyptian God Anubis (Nicholas Tucci).  His longtime friend Sophie (Karen Jean Olds) wants to lend a helping hand in making him feel better, but will she go too far in carrying out his wishes?
The show seems too darkly ranting and straightforward instead of the sarcastic, black comedy it was intended to be, as the mood is tense and almost never lets up.  It also contains adult language, situations and nudity.
Acting is uniformly good. Leavitt exudes coiled energy and bravado as the frustrated, depressed J. T. Tucci gives Anubis a sneering, sinister edge as J. T.’s angry alter ego.  As Sophie, Olds brings a wounded tenderness to the seemingly tough young woman.
“Dead, Therefore I Am” pushes buttons as it rages against depression and mediocrity, demanding attention and answers.

Last Lion Productions presents “Dead, Therefore I Am” at the East Theatre at the Complex (6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood) Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 3pm through May 24.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by calling (323) 960-7714 or online at www.plays411.com/dead.


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