“Exit Strategy” Salutes Seniors

‘Alex’ (John C. Moskoff), ‘James’ (James B. Sikking) and ‘Mae’ (Debra Mooney) in “Exit Strategy” at the Falcon Theatre.

‘Alex’ (John C. Moskoff), ‘James’ (James B. Sikking) and ‘Mae’ (Debra Mooney) in “Exit Strategy” at the Falcon Theatre.

An entertaining, thoughtful production of what it means to grow older and find life choices diminishing, “Exit Strategy” features outstanding acting and fine production work as it blends serious discussion and humorous situations revolving around three seniors.
Hotel residents James (James B. Sikking) and Mae (Debra Mooney) discover that the facility will be closed in thirty days, leaving them facing the possibility of homelessness. Along comes Alex (John C. Moskoff), a man with an intriguing proposition, promising to bring hope and vitality to their lives. Is it too late to take a chance and face new adventures? Director Casey Stangl deftly modulates the rhythm of the proceedings, allowing a naturalistic ebb and flow filled with awkward pauses and deadpan one-liners. She keeps things understated yet suspenseful.
Writers Bill Semans’ and Roy M. Close’s witty yet touching script poignantly examines difficulties and choices seniors face, while granting them respect and dignity.
Stangl draws excellent performances and chemistry from the cast. Moskoff makes Alex a warm, easygoing and charming guy. Sikking brings a touching vulnerability to the flamboyant ex-actor. Mooney’s tough-minded yet wounded landlady steals the show.
Production staff is also first rate, creating a dynamic, cinematic atmosphere through Keith Mitchell’s shabby yet homey apartment lobby, David Beaudry’s realistic sound, and the warm afterglow from Nick McCord’s artful lighting.
“Exit Strategy” wonderfully examines the struggles of three seniors in a production featuring outstanding acting, production work and humor.

“Exit Strategy” plays Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 4pm through November 15 at the Falcon Theatre (4252 Riverside Dr. in Burbank). Weekday tickets (Wednesday-Thursday) cost $32.50-$35, and weekend (Friday-Sunday) tickets cost $37.50-$40. Call (818) 955-8101 for reservations.

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