“Fiery Sword” Actor’s Workout Studio

(L to R): Jennifer Nangle, Greg Beastrom and Laura Rosas in “Fiery Sword.”

(L to R): Jennifer Nangle, Greg Beastrom and Laura Rosas in “Fiery Sword.”

Produced by First Light Players, “Fiery Sword” is written by, and stars, Greg Beastrom. This is a biblical fantasy of archangels, angels, devils and a snake. Director Cathy Holbrook makes the scenes flow, and has great sound tracks between sets of Cab Callaway, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Prima, among others. Combat stage direction is by Ken Jones.
Uriel, (amazing 19-year-old actress Brittney Rose) has been for eons the guardian of the Garden of Eden and possessor of the Fiery Sword, with companion Mallick the snake. Rose portrays both Uriel with a blond wig and the snake, and makes a phenomenal transition from crying hysterically thinking she’ll be killed for escaping with the Fiery Sword everyone wants, to the snarling, stooped, slithery-tongued, wild-eyed, evil snake Mallick. Hiding in an angelic warehouse (an effective set of rows of boxes labeled Halos, Wings and Wands, etc.) she is pursued by Raphael, the Archangel of Justice (a shapely blond Kristina Tew) who is afraid her sister has become a rogue Archangel.
The Angel of Death (Beastrom), demoted to private investigator Archie, is after Uriel to recover the Fiery Sword, so powerful it could end civilization.          
Other actors are fun to watch. Frenchy (Carol Shearer) gives a saucy performance as Archie’s former girlfriend and owner of the Halo Bar. Laura Rosas is perky as Rhoda, Archie’s current ditzy girlfriend. Leviathan (Kay Dease) is formidable as the she-devil, and Appollyon (Josh Latzer) is sinister with a face ideal for any slasher or thriller film.

“Fiery Sword” is at the Actor’s Workout Studio (4735 Lankershim, North Hollywood). Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 3pm ending June 7th. Tickets are $20 at the door. For reservations, call (818) 642-4665.


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