“Have a Happy Day” at Bizzzy!


The cast of “Bizzzy!”

For a chance to wax nostalgic and re-visit life in the colorful ’70s (the funky wardrobe, upbeat disco tunes, positive visualization and ubiquitous ‘happy face’ can-do attitude), Bizzzy!, at the Whitefire Theatre, is the way to go.  The gang in Bizzzy! is no ordinary family, not even the mainstream ’70s drivel of the Brady Bunch or Partridge family, and the show almost plays out like a multi-generational musical comedy sitcom That ’70s Show on stage.
Quite revolutionary for the era, the show revolves around a single (widowed) mom with her two pre-teen kids as she juggles her role as mother, apartment property manager, and a pied piper of sorts to all the neighborhood friends. This “crazy-bizzy” mom, Kelly Corbett (played by Jacquie Donley), strives to maintain her independence, sacrificing for her children at all costs, despite a tempting “rescue maneuver” by a dashing long lost love, a potential knight in shining armor.  Faced with pending debt to the IRS, and possible loss of her home, Kelly, a damsel in distress, takes a more feminist approach to her plight, giving the traditional Cinderella fairy tale a more radical spin.
With tax time looming around the corner, the theme of confronting the dreaded tax man is timely.  A clever musical number called “The IRS Loves Me” is presented by the entire company, with engaging lyrics: “Never mess with the IRS, unless you’re willing to pay the price—they know how we earn money, spend it too, and when we die, who we give it to…”
The song is accompanied by a creative multimedia slideshow, filled with wit, humor, and even pics of Uncle Sam!
Although Kelly reaches for the stars and dreams of moonbeams and rainbows, inspired by her ‘dreamer’ boyfriend, an astronomy professor, her head and feet stay firmly planted, as she stays bizzzy all day in matters of the heart— life, love, and family.

Bizzzy! Is playing at Whitefire Theatre, 13500 Ventura Blvd Through May 16th, Fri. and Sat. at 8 p.m. and Sun. at 3 p.m. For more information, call 323-960-7612, or visit www.plays411.com/bizzzy.

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