“Illuminations” Dynamic Light Paintings By John Tidball

Designer and creator of Illuminations,” John Tidball.

Designer and creator of Illuminations,” John Tidball.

As an artist, John Tidball has worked with glass, as well as oil on canvas, but today his focus is on a new and unique form of digital art. This dynamic version of “Illuminations” was conceived and developed in an experimental way since 1967.
Tidball developed a way to rotate three glass wheels, fixed to polarizing acetate and two layers of art plastics, at different speeds, affecting the pattern and colors of the pieces that he calls dynamic light paintings, or “Illuminations.” By rotating the polarized acetate behind the art materials, and illuminating the art materials with diffuse, cool white light, colors and patterns are created as if they are a painting. But as one views it, the colors and patterns leisurely evolve into new patterns and colors in various ways similar to observing a series of brilliant still images moving slowly in a slide show. The effect of this evolvement creates a feeling of serenity.
Currently, Tidball is developing ideas to display the film version of this artwork on DVD and high-definition television screens in small exhibition venues, such as corporate building lobbies. They are presented best on standard definition or blu-ray disks through up-resolution and blu-ray DVD players, and could substantially enhance any large room or lobby area.
Tidball says, “Illuminations” portrays beauty for beauty’s sake. These dynamic light paintings will expand your visual awareness much in the same way natural beauty expands one’s sense of wonderment.”


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