“Kill Me, Deadly” at the Theatre of Note

Kirsten Vangsness and Dean Lemont go on the run in Theatre of Note’s

Kirsten Vangsness and Dean Lemont go on the run in Theatre of Note’s

“Kill Me, Deadly,” a film noir parody, is performed by a brilliant assemblage of characters, written with love for the genre by Bill Robens and well-directed and cast by Kiff Scholl. The snappy dialogue is taken from flicks of the 40’s, such as “You dumb rube,” “Playing me for a sap” and “Love is for suckers.”
The small stage is amazing in its versatility (Davis Campbell). On one side, the detective agency with inventive secretary Ida (Lynn Odell) and Charlie Nichols (Dean Lamont), and on the other side, the mansion of “obscenely wealthy” Lady Clairmont (Kathleen Mary Carthy), owner of the world’s largest diamond. Later, she is thrown off a bridge to great effect by shadows off stage with the sound of water splashing (exceptional sound effects by Adam Phalen). Her weird son Clyde (a strong performance by Nicolas S. Williams) and daughter Veronica (good-looking blond Megan Bartle) are suspects.
The set also belongs to Mona, a buxom vision in a low-cut red gown, with flaming red hair. Mona, (Kirsten Vangsness) who represents a brassy dame is the whole brass section, projecting a very loud voice, highlighted in her solo “Rainbow Dream” by Bill Newlin.
As Nichols tries to solve the crime, more victims turn up dead, the scene changes to a hobo camp and later to the home of Bugsy Siegel, a winning performance by Keith Allan. And on the far left, a video screen effectively shows passing streets with a car seat in the front that Nichols pretends to drive.

“Kill Me, Deadly” is at Theatre of Note (1517 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA— just North of Sunset). Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 7pm ending August 1st. Tickets are $22.00 (seniors and students: $18.00). Half-price tickets available at Stubdog.com. For reservations or more information, visit www.theatreofnote.com or call (323) 856-8611.


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