“La Ronde”

Edgar Allan Poe IV and Lisa Younger in “La Ronde.”

Edgar Allan Poe IV and Lisa Younger in “La Ronde.”

Written in 1900 by Austrian Arthur Schnitzler, La Ronde was released as a movie in Paris in 1950, but censored as “immoral” and banned from being shown in the United States for four years.
Ronde is French for round dance, and La Ronde presents a round of romantic episodes played out in ten scenes where characters switch lovers with indiscretion and infidelity. Arthur Schnitzler (Joel Kimmel) introduces the audience to what we are about to see.
It begins when Leocadia, a prostitute (Matilda Tavanian) picks up a soldier (Arin Keshishian), who then woos Marie the Parlor-maid (Aysha Wax). The maid is then seduced by The Young Gentleman Alfred (Daniele Favilli) who, subsequently, has an affair with Emma the Married Lady (Emma Lynch). Her husband Karl (Edgar Allan Poe, IV) has a fling with The Sweet Young Girl (Lisa Younger) and the young girl engages in a tryst with Robert “Biebitz” The Writer (Carson Gilmore). The writer finds himself entranced by The Actress (Gabriela Tollman) who fancies the Count (Charles Wing). The play comes ‘round to the beginning when the Count makes a visit to the prostitute. In every scene, each character professes their love to their paramour of the moment.   
Co-Directed by Aramazd Stepanian and Jody Bardin, with outstanding costumes (representing the early 20th century) by Dean Cameron, the play was translated by Marya Mannes.
“La Ronde” plays at the Luna Playhouse, 3706 San Fernando Road, in Glendale through March 21st. For tickets, call (818) 500-7200, or go online at www.itsmyseat.com.


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