“Lovely Day” Stands Up For Change”

(L to R): Jonaton Wyne and Lana Young.

(L to R): Jonaton Wyne and Lana Young.

A strong story about standing up for beliefs, even in the face of smug convention, “Lovely Day” features a fine cast firm in their passions.
On their wedding anniversary, Fran (Lana Young) and Martin (Jonaton Wyne) discover that a military recruiter visited their son’s school trying to drum up enlistees. Their heated and escalated discussion reveals simmering discontentment and disagreement on the issue of whether he should enlist.
Playwright Leslie Ayvazian’s story raises important issues about what it means to blindly follow convention and leaders instead of questioning decisions and attitudes when they disregard human life, justice and autonomy.
“Lovely Day” begins hesitantly, with cues and timing seeming slightly off, before it picks up tempo and power, and gels in the second act.
The three person cast shows fine chemistry and good acting. Nickolas Ballard possesses a warm, charming presence as the son Brian. Wyne’s “Martin” exhibits a self-absorbed smugness that begins to crack under pressure. As the worried mother “Fran,” Young gracefully but dramatically reveals a questioning of conventional wisdom, a small but powerful presence.
A timely story about courageously standing up for what you believe in, even when pressured or outnumbered, “Lovely Day” reveals that conviction to a minority position often overcomes hurdles to rule the day.
“Lovely Day” plays Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm, through May 24 (no performance on Friday, May 22) at the Luna Playhouse (3706 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA). Free parking across the street at Harley Davidson and Rally’s parking lots is available. Tickets cost $15, with a special “Pay-what-you-can” on Thursday, May 21. For reservations, call (818) 500-7200 or visit www.itsmyseat.com.

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