“Madame Butterfly”

Kaz Matamura as Madame Butterfly and Max Andes as Lt. Pinkerton.

Kaz Matamura as Madame Butterfly and Max Andes as Lt. Pinkerton.

The Secret Rose Theatre celebrates their tenth year anniversary with a performance of “Madame Butterfly.” It is play written by David Belasco, better known by Giacomo Puccini’s opera. It is the tragic story of betrayal, cowardice and delusion. Placed in Nagasaki circa 1895, and set in a charming flat, Cho Cho San’s (Madame Butterfly- a radiant Kaz Matamura) world is wrapped around the hope that her lover and father of her child Trouble (a precocious Austin Pender) returns from sea. B.F. Pinkerton is an American sailor. That alone causes consternation from a close knit Japanese society.
The tragedy unfolds slowly like a twisted Origami. Cho Cho San clings to the delusion that she will soon be reunited with her lover. She is courted by the rich and dashing Yamadori (Yoshi Ando) and rejects his offer of marriage even though it would be best for all concerned. She is beautiful and alluring and so wants the simple life. But the fates are not kind.
The production opens up with “Fool on a Roof,” a farce written by Kan Kikuchi that also takes place in Japan, circa 1900. It is a fable about a young man (Jesse Wang) that spends his time on the roof of his father’s (Kaye Chen) house. Hilarity ensues as his family tries all sorts of measures to get him down. Not until his older brother (Ron Velasco) arrives does the message become clear; that we are all on our own our separate and unique journey which should be considered sacred. Recommended.

“Madame Butterfly” shows at The Secret Rose Theatre (11246 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91606) through March 22. For more information, call (866) 811-3691 or visit www.secretrose.com.


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