“Passions” at the Son of Semele Theatre

David Storrs and Elizabeth Schmidt in “The Play about the Menu at Simon’s Coffee Shop.”

David Storrs and Elizabeth Schmidt in “The Play about the Menu at Simon’s Coffee Shop.”

Passions is a one-act series in the 15th year of the Moving Arts One-Act Festival. “The Play about the Menu at Simon’s Coffee Shop” is by D.T. Arcieri and directed by Josh Galitsky. Vicky (Jill Saunders) works for Ray (Nicholas Forbes) who obsesses over metaphysical questions and is after Vicky to have a sexual relationship, without any luck. At Simon’s Coffee Shop, Vicky’s lustful husband the chef (David Storrs) is carrying on an affair with waitress Anne (Elizabeth Schmidt) and who have heated discussions about the menu.
Most entertaining is He Said, She Said by Lee Wochner and tightly directed by Ross Kramer. In a crowded bar, Herb (Bostin Christopher) sees in the corner a petite woman in funky attire and big hair, open a notebook, take a microphone from her satchel and start reciting poems, each one more raunchy. Rebecca Davis as Amanda reads with gusto the perverse imagery of the words which lead to a night of sex with Herb, who will never see her again.
Another richly imaginative one-act is Move by Trey Nicholas and directed by Lee Wochner. With a realtor (Laura Buckles), a young couple has decided to buy an old house where, on the back wall, stands an immobilized ghost on a platform wearing a housecoat and with ghastly makeup (a totally unrecognizable Rebecca Davis). He (Brian P. Newkirk) has a habit of blogging and soon develops an unhealthy relationship with the ghost Molly B., much to the displeasure of his wife (Elizabeth Ann Harris).

“Passions” is at the Son of Semele Theater (3301 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA). Performances are Fridays, October 23 and October 30 at 8pm. Tickets are $18. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit www.movingarts.org or call (323) 666-3259.


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