“Refugees” Kicks off Fremont Centre’s “Stripped Bare” Series

Stephanie Satie in her solo play, “Refugees.”

Stephanie Satie in her solo play, “Refugees.”

“Stripped Bare” equals a stage, an actor, a story. We hope you weren’t expecting something else. Fremont Theatre has three upcoming one person shows following this simple theme.
Currently on stage is “Refugees,” written and performed by Stephanie Satie and directed by Anita Khanzadian. The production covers a woman teaching English as a Second Language to immigrants from Iran, Armenia, and countries from the former Soviet bloc. She learns from her students as well, as she collides with their cultures in general, and specifically, the fact of women’s diminished roles within these. In these confrontations she begins to come to terms with her own history and culture as well.
Satie passionately parades through ten characters, both male and female, and smoothly switches the accents and vivid personas of each one. That is a tall order, but she handles it well as you do get to feel that you know this people. She has an enjoyable and strong voice and registers the entire dialog in a distinct and clear manner. She delivers from a perfect sort of posture that aids her in this highly-focused performance that stems from her real life teaching experience.
Other shows coming up as part of the “Stripped Bare” series include Lissa Layng starring in  her traditional Mother’s day   weekend   performance   of  a “Woman of Independent Means,” May 8-10, and “Beneath Rippling Waters” stages April 17-May 3. All performances in this series are $25 and $20 for students and seniors.

“Refugees” stages Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. through April 5 at The Fremont Centre Theatre (1000 Fremont Ave. South Pasadena). For reservations, call (866) 811-4111. Online ticketing and information is available at www.fremonttheatre.com.


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